Donate with Bitcoin

Note: This donation method does not qualify for instant processing. After you make your donation you will need to open a support ticket to request manual processing. This process may take anywhere from 1-48 hours based on the administrator's availability.

How to buy Bitcoin?

For an easy guide on how to get started with Bitcoin and how to buy bitcoin using different payment methods such as cash, bank accounts and/or credit cards. Please visit and select your country and prefered payment method. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us via Support Ticket.

View Donation Items

To view the items available via donation please visit the donation mall accessible through the Donation Girl npc or Main NPC in Caspen. Additionally, you can try out and preview any item before buying it by visiting our Fitting Room.

Refund Policy

When donating using Crypto Currency there are no refunds. All donations are final. If you do not agree with this refund policy, consider using other payment methods such as our Checkout System or Paypal.