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Pre-Paid Cards

We have written down some of the locations where you can find pre-paid cards and gift cards to use online. If you do not find a location near you, you should be able to find a location that offers pre-paid cards through Google or Yahoo.

United States:

You can get pre-paid cards from any major bank like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase even Western Union may offer pre-paid cards. You may also get Visa or Mastercards gift cards from any Walmart or big pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS.

Visit this link for Visa Gift Cards



Chinatrust Visa Debit/ATM Card from Chinatrust Commercial Bank Philippines. (They have also Gift Cards and Link/Supplementary Cards). A Commercial Bank.

Key Card Visa Debit/ATM Card from Equicom Savings Bank. (They have also Cash and Gift Cards). A Savings Bank.

Shop N Pay Visa Debit/ATM Card from Sterling bank of Asia. (They have also Cash and Gift Cards). A Savings Bank.

BDO ATM/Debit/Cash Card from BDO. (Available in either Visa or MasterCard in which MasterCard is commonly issued). A Universal Bank.

Smart Money MasterCard Prepaid Card from Smart Telecommunications. (Used for Prepaid Loading Business and Smart Money). A Telecommunication Company.

iRemit Visa Prepaid Card from iRemit Global Remittance. (Used for Remittance affiliated with Chinatrust CB Philippines). A Remittance Company.

IKOBO Debit/Prepaid??? Card from Ikobo Money Remittance. (Used for Remittance). A Remittance Company.

Express Cash Prepaid MasterCard from BPI. A Universal Bank.

PSBank Prepaid MasterCard from PSBank. A Commercial Bank.

My Wallet Prepaid Visa from RCBC. (Other type co-branded to Mecury drug SUKI Card). A Commercial Bank.

Eon Prepaid Visa from UnionBank of the Philippines. A Commercial Bank.

CashCard International Prepaid MasterCard from Security Bank. A Commercial Bank.

Standard Chartered Debit Visa Electron from Standard Chartered Bank Philippines. A Commercial Bank.



They offer pre-paid cards at most commercial banks in Europe.

You can get a Visa Gift Card locations from here


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