Technical Difficulties FAQ

These are some of the technical difficulties that are reported the most. Do not hesistate to contact the Staff team if your question is not answered in this page.

* The majority of the technical problems can be resolved with a clean re-installation of the full client. 

FAQ #1

I started Ragnarok and the window is just a tiny bar/the fullscreen just shows black and white.

FAQ #2

I got a gravity error with 2 buttons that show either Copy or Exit.

FAQ #3

My screenshots turn out all greyish and stretched out.

FAQ #4

My Alt+M hotkeys don't save!

FAQ #5

When I login to the character screen, the characters and words and stuff are overlapping each other!

FAQ #6

I lost access to my email, can I change it?

FAQ #7

I forgot my @security and I didn't enable security questions/forgot them!

FAQ #8

Exe doesn't run! I get a side-by-side error.

FAQ #9

I can't connect to server! It says Failed to Connect

More to come soon ;)