In-game Support

The fastest way to get an answer to a quick question is by asking someone online. 

We have staff and support players online ready to answer your questions, you can contact all staff online by using the @request command while in-game.

Correct ways to use @request in-game:

Example: @request My character is stuck, what can I do!?
Example: @request Where can I level up!?
Example: @request Where can I earn Zeny?

Incorrect ways to use @request:

Example: @request I need help
Example: @request Any gm online?
Example: @request need help pm me fast

Make sure to send a complete question using @request, that way a staff member that is capable of answering will answer you.

If you do not state your question and simply ask for "help", chances are most staff will not know whether they can help or not and will reduce the chances of getting help.

In the case that no staff is able to answer your question..

You can ask any of our regular players in town for help, if you are polite and patient enough, chances are that someone will help you within minutes. The place where you can find the most helpful people is our Home Town, Caspen.
You can visit our home town by typing @go 0  or @warp caspen