In-game FAQ

The Basics:

  1. How can I level up quickly? (video)
  2. How can I earn zeny quickly?
  3. How can I change jobs?
  4. Where can I buy equipment?
  5. How do I contact the GM for help?
  6. Where can I get a peco/falcon/cart/warg?
  7. Which stats and equipment should I use for my class? 
  8. What to do once I reach Max lvl of 500?
  9. Where can I see the latest updates or list of changes?
  10. Where can I see a list of custom headgears and effects?


Intermediate Questions:

  1. How do I become a Hero?
  2. What are Vote4Points items?
  3. How can I leave or disband a guild?
  4. Where can I find a list of automated event times?
  5. How can I maximize Zeph Hunting Missions?
  6. How can I get a buying store permit?
  7. How come there are no monsters on the map?
  8. How can I join or create global chat channels?
  9. How can I be part of the Hall of Fame?
  10. Where can I find a list of item abreviations ?

Quick Answers:

#3. How can I change jobs?
A: In order to change jobs you need to have  the required amount of skill points. For example, Novice -> First class requires at least 40 skill points. First class to second class requires 50 skill points. Once you meet the requirements, you may speak with the Main NPC in Caspen to access the Job Change featue. This NPC can be found in any city, he looks like a red king and has a chat that says "Main NPC".


#4. Where can I buy equipment?
A: In order to buy equipment you will need to collect Zeny by selling monster's loot to NPCs. You can purchase basic equipment from NPCs by visiting the Mall (@go mall) or you can buy more excusive items and usables from other players by visiting the vending arena (@go vend).


#6. Where can I get a peco/falcon/cart/warg?
A: Before you can get a mount, a cart or a falcon, you will need to "Level up" the skill requirement. You can rent a peco peco, a cart or a falcon by speaking with the Main NPC and accessing the Universal Rental feature. In order to get a warg, you will need to obtain an item called "Wolf Flute", this item can be purchased from the mall, vote4points shop and battlegrounds shop. In order to get one of the new mounts applicable for any job, you will need to obtain an item called "Reign of Mount" from Vote4Points or Battlegrounds shop.