Download DreamerRO

In this page you can download Dreamer Ragnarok Online for free. If by any means you come accross an error or technical difficulties, do not hesistate to contact our staff either by creating a support ticket or joining our forums.



Full Installer


The full installer contains all the files necessary to start playing Dreamer Ragnarok Online (2.7GB). You will need at least 5GB of free memory to download and install this file successfully. (Recommended)

Last Updated: August 26, 2016

Download Full Client

  1. Choose between Direct Download (10 parts of 330M) or Torrent Download of 3.2GB
  2. Download all parts of the Full Installer (1 part if it's torrent)
  3. Unpack all parts of the Full Installer using WinRar
  4. Install the Full Installer in a new (empty) folder on your Desktop (this might take several minutes to open).
  5. Run and Update your DreamerRO Auto-patcher by starting "DreamerRO Patcher". You should use this file to start the game everytime!

There are different ways to download our Full Client!

          Download Full Client via Torrent     Download Full Client split into 10 parts     Download Full Client 1 file of 3.3GB



Lite Installer

The lite installer is only recommended to experienced players who know exactly what they are doing. You may download the Lite Installer if you already have a working copy of the latest kRO  files or if you have downloaded the Dreamer Ragnarok Online Full installer before.

Last UpdatedAugust 24, 2016


Download Lite Client


  1. First you must run Kro RSU & RagRe RSU clients to receive the latest updates.
  2. Download and Save the Lite Installer on your computer. (500 Mb)
  3. Install the Lite Installer in the same folder as your kRO or DreamerRO Folder. (Make sure no other server is installed in this folder)
  4. Go into the DreamerRO folder and find the DreamerRO Patcher.  Right click it > Go to properties > Run as Administrator. 
  5. Run  your DreamerRO Auto-patcher to receive the latest updates. You should use this patcher to start the game everytime!


Can't auto-patch?

If your Dreamer Ragnarok Online autopatcher is giving you trouble, you can download the latest Manual GRF available and get the latest updates manually.

Download Manual GRF

  1. Download the Manual GRF
  2. Use WinRar to unpack the file into your DreamerRO folder.
  3. Replace all current files with the ones on the file.
  4. You should now have the latest manual updates available. If you are still out of date, check out our technical difficulties forum for help on getting your autopatcher running.



Download Custom Ragnarok Online Skins

If you are looking for free custom skins for your ragnarok online client, then you've come to the right place! Dreamer ragnarok online has the largest collection of skins available anywhere!